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WashCoat & Shine for Marine (946ml)

  • Brand: Btech
  • Product Code: BT4003
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

WashCoat & Shine cleans with incredible power - removes salt build-up, removes black streaks and many stubborn stains

​Cleans Gel Coat, Paint, Stainless (leaves it shiny & bright), Chrome, Rubber, Plastics AND glass and clears!

​Powerful detergents are nothing new. Problem is they strip off all and any wax and protection. Now your surface is open to very fast deterioration caused by the sun (UV). But with WashCoat & Shine it leaves a patented Acrylionic protection!

The protection left on the surface, protects everything! Wash your boat - rinse clean, and that's it. Never wax again!

​Secret is to wash every time you sail - or at least once a month is she's sitting in port.

​Acrylionic is a patented protection that repairs and fortifies the surface, filling in the thousands of tiny scratches caused by washing and increasing your shine - while protecting.  And it Repeals Salt.

Salt does not adhere so be so difficult to remove. Often can be removed with only a rinse. 

Read How Does It Work for more information.

Just wash and rinse and that's it!